Athlete steroid use and its effects

The Olympics: once in four years people get to watch the biggest sports spectacle in the world. Did you know that the origins of the Olympics, which date back to ancient Greece, also made mention of athlete steroid use? Sources explain that the history of performance enhancing substances accompany the history of the world’s grandest sporting event. Ancient Greek athletes would turn to herbs and tonic ingredients to make them stronger. Though the times have evolved, anabolic steroid use works in almost the same manner.

Anabolic steroids have served many uses in the field of medicine and therapy. Because these substances mimic the action of certain hormones, they are used for various forms of treatment, including those for patients with imbalances in their hormonal levels. Steroids have also been established to help patients with muscle and tissue degeneration.

Are you aware that many athletes today use anabolic steroids? Why do they do this? Are there legalities to the matter? Athlete steroid use in professional leagues like the modern Olympics, NFL, NHL, and NBA are now prohibited. You probably already know that these committees exert additional efforts for testing their athletes to determine if any of them have been using performance enhancing drugs. There were many gold medal winners in the past who were disqualified because post-event test results showed them as positive for anabolics.

Why is athlete steroid use still common these days? Actually, as mentioned earlier, there are many benefits offered by using anabolic steroids. Aside from the fact that it makes the body faster and stronger, it also keeps stamina and provides extra energy. Anabolic steroids also make the body into an efficient fat burning machine, as the metabolism increases. For those who are prone to injury, steroids help them recover from such accidents.

Steroid use has different effects on men and women. Just a note, here are some known side effects of using anabolic steroids, balding, nausea, stomach upset, and others. Always consult with a medical professional before using any anabolic steroids. This helps reduce any unwanted reactions with existing medicine.

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